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Laurence Vaissière est une actrice, autrice et réalisatrice française.

Laurence Vaissière is a French actress, author and director.
She is the spiritual Ddaughter of Lauren Bacall ans Mr Bean ans the secret muse of Louis Vuitton ( the proof, her initials LV for Laurence Vaissière, are on all the brand’s bags ).
in 2022, with Judith Margolin, she sets up the Champagne Comedy Club, at the parisian Nouvelle Seine : the only comedy club that offers all possible forms of one (wo)men shows on stage. 
Fifteen artists present 7 minutes of their shows. 
I present excerpts from her One-Woman-Show on desire and self-affirmation, that i am currently writing.
One television, you could see her in  » Les Textapes d’Alice  » for France 4 or  » Lebowitz versus Lebowitz  » for France 2 or  » La petite histoire de France  » for W9.
Born in the South West of France, she spent her childhood in the Netherlands, par of her adolescence in the United States ans Ireland and started acting in London. Laurence is bilingual in French-English.
Her career unfolds internationally. She is in Charlotte Scobie’s short film  » To have a Lover é, shot in London and plays one of the main roles in Jethro Massey’s first feature film  » Paul and Paulette take a bath « , all in English.
As a director, her last short film was financed by the CNC, produced by Thomas Plessis and Fred Testot at Dilm Sum Entertainment. She is in the process of extracting a short film from the feature, written thanks to the Groupe Ouest Développement writing residency. 
It is a satyr of the world of coaching and the tyranny of happiness.

🇬🇧 French Demo Trailer w/Engl subtitles

🇬🇧 English Demo Reel

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