January 2023

With Judith Margolin, we set up the Champagne Comedy Club in Paris at La Nouvelle Seine : the only comedy club that offers all possible forms of one-(wo)men shows on stage.

Fifteen artists present 7 minutes of their shows. i present excerpts from her One-Woman-Show on desire and self-affirmation, that i am currently writing.

February 2022

End of shooting in the London countryside of the short film « To Have a Lover » by Narah T. Coelt, in the same sets that Natalie Portman shot in « Annihlation ».

July 2022

The shooting of « Paul and Paulette take a bath » is over. See you in 2023 to discover Jethro Massey’s first feature film, produced by Fabric Films. I play Valérie, one of the main characters, all in English.